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Wire EDM Services: Precision Cutting For Difficult Shapes
Tue 19th Sep 2017 at 2:23pm, 0 comments

Wire EDM Services: Precision Cutting For Difficult Shapes

Our high degree of capability for wire EDM services allows us to provide our clients with the means to achieve certain specified goals. At Twin City EDM, we know that the speed of EDM is important. However, Wire EDM is about more than how fast we can provide you with your order. Wire EDM offers our customers certain advantages over other methods.

Why Choose Wire EDM

Wire EDM technology is a viable manufacturing process. While some companies boast about the speed of their work, our machinists prefer to stress the other benefits. Speed is not beneficial if the machinery cannot produce or reproduce the components according to your exact specifications. Our machinists utilize wire EDM to achieve customers' goals by understanding the main facets included in the process:
  • Materials: easily works with hard metals, that cannot be worked using traditional machinery
  • Cutting Ability: Cut intricate shapes and complex forms
  • Tolerance Capabilities: Our Wire EDM services can easily meet specifications for meet close tolerances
  • Versatility: can produce a single prototype, or large runs
  • Turnaround Time: There is no doubt wire EDM reduces the amount of manpower required to produce a part. It also decreases the overall turnaround time, resulting in savings for both us and our customers.

Wire EDM Services at Twin City EDM

As you can see, wire EDM is precise, fast, and versatile as long as the machinists have the expertise necessary to work the machinery to its full capabilities. At Twin City EDM, our staff is experienced, and fully skilled in the art of getting the most out of EDM for our customers. This translates to a higher-quality product. Contact us to learn more about how we can help on your next project: (800) 397-0338.

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