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Medical Device Contract Manufacturing: Attention To Detail
Tue 12th Sep 2017 at 3:34pm, 0 comments

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing: Attention To Detail

The medical device production sector is currently experiencing widespread growth. Oftentimes, companies have designed a great medical part, but do not possess the abilities necessary to produce it. That is where Twin Cities EDM comes in! Our medical device contract manufacturing services are second to none. Whether your company is are a large OEM, or a small start-up, we can help you move your product from design, to prototype, to market as quickly as efficiently as possible.

Working with Our Customers

At Twin City EDM, we are capable of handling all aspects of the design-and-production process. All procedures we perform will meet you specifications exactly, and comply with all FDA, and other protocols.

We know speed, and cost, are important aspects to the success of your device. We have the expertise to keep production time and costs low while still producing a high-quality product that you can be proud of, just as we are proud of our reputation as a leading medical device contract manufacturing company!

Technological Edge

Technology can give a company the edge over its competitors. It allows us to offer not only innovative solutions but also ones that are flexible. Our equipment allows us to be faster, and more efficient, in producing components of unique and complex geometric design. Our CNC milling, multi-axis machining, and 7-axis Swiss turning services provide us with the capabilities to deliver comprehensive, precise results.

At Twin City EDM and manufacturing, we are always willing to work with OEMs. As a reputable medical device contract manufacturing company, we offer our clients flexible, innovative solutions. Contact us if you want a company that not only pays attention to detail, but is also willing to fully leverage its technology and skilled workforce to help their customers move ahead in their field: (800) 397-0338.

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