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About Twin City EDM and Manufacturing Since 1959 - From one piece to one million

Twin City EDM and Manufacturing can meet all your EDM machining requirements from the simple to the very complex ... and we can provide you with both prototype and high volume production quantities. Since our very beginning, we became recognized as the company that could perform the nearly impossible. Difficult jobs have become our forte.

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At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, we're committed to our customers...to their market strategy and their business strategy. We work at consistently reducing production costs, reducing product life cycle costs, and meeting the critical schedule demands for market timing and time-to-market.

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The flexibility and versatility we offer allows our customer the convenience of "one-stop shopping," which reduces paperwork, reduces internal labor costs and improves overall output.

EDM Client Testimonial

In recognition of the outstanding contributions of industrial manufacturing to the Minnesota economy, I, Arne Carlson, governor of the State of Minnesota, congratulate Twin City EDM and Manufacturing and its commitment to making Minnesota a better place to live...
Governor Arne Carlson (October 1995)

Twin City EDM and Manufacturing provides the following Electrical Discharge Machining Services

  • Precision Wire EDM Electrical Discharge Machining - State-of-the-art EDM, cutting microscopic parts with .002" wire to cutting steel 1 ton, 17" thick with .012" wire.
  • Precision Sinker EDM Electrical Discharge Machining - Prototypes to high volume EDM production parts, light tolerance molds-polish type finishes, cavities cut with fins as small as .008" to deep cavities made by unimaginable electrodes.
  • CNC Milling - From unthinkable prototypes to affordable EDM production parts, whether high speed milled soft or hard milled at 55 RC to cut costs, we get it done.
  • Micro Hole Popping - From 0.002" diameter to 0.090" diameter in surgical tubes, instruments, and hypodermic needles. Production parts from .002 diameter to .125 diameter needing more than 1,000 holes per part.
  • Precision Laser Marking & Etching - The most professional way of identifying part details, including part number, logo, lot number, bar code and more.

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